Mars Hydro Reflector 49 240W LED & 2’x2′ Grow Tent Kit


Mars Hydro Reflector 49 240W LED & 2’x2′ Grow Tent Kit

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  • Coverage: Veg: 3.5ft x 3.5ft; flowering: 2ft x 2ft
  • Tent Size: 2ft by 2 ft by 5 ft
  • Replace HID/MH: 160W
  • Draw Power:110V/102W±5% / 220V/100W±5%
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This is one of our most affordable and highly sought after indoor grow kits. This Mars Hydro grow kit comes with the basics for any indoor grower, whether it be hydroponics or traditional soil growing, this is a great product to have, backed by the Mars Hydro name!

This grow kit comes with the industry known Mars Hydro Reflector 49 LED Full Spectrum Grow Light and a premium quality Mars Hydro Grow Tent measuring 2 feet (width) by 2 feet (depth) by 5 feet (height). This is the perfect setup for growing hobbyists or people with limited space.

Mars Hydro Grow Tent: 

  • 1680D Mylar side panels – super strong and durable
  • Heavy-duty zippers and double stitching
  • Steel tent frame, perfect for safely hanging your grow light(s) or any venting systems
  • Removable waterproof floor liner; contains water and spills, prevent odors from leaking out, and stop pests from getting in.
  • Reflective Lined Mylar for superior light reflective and dispersal, optimizing light and temperature for your plants to thrive.

Mars Hydro Reflector 240W Full Spectrum Grow Light: 

  • Authentic Mars Hydro light with factory warranty and quality craftsmanship
  • Growth/Bloom mode switches built into the light
  • 240W full spectrum LED light with IR (730) – replaces a 250W HPS/HID light
  • Solid aluminum heat sinks allowing the light to run at a desirable temperature for long periods
  • High efficiency & energy savings; only 102watt±5% power consumption at 110v voltage

Whats Included In Your Order:

  • 2.3’x2.3′ (28″x28″x63″) Mars Hydro Grow Tent
  • Removable Mylar Floor Tray
  • 2 Filter Straps
  • Instructional Pamphlet & Warranty Card
  • Mars Hydro Reflector 240W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ 2 Year Warranty
  • Power Cord
  • Steel Hanging Kit
  • Discrete Packaging

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 12 x 23 x 56 cm


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