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Yellowing Cannabis Leaves

Yellowing Cannabis Plant Leaves: The Cause and the Fix

When you work so hard to grow your Cannabis plants there is nothing more devastating than watching them slowly wither away until they are dead. One of the most common complaints that we hear about is the yellowing of Cannabis plant leaves, and even sometimes parts of the plant stock. When yellowing is observed, there are many things that can cause this problem, and in this article we are going to explain to you how to prevent plant yellowing.

Moisture Stress

The most common issue that we see with cannabis home growers is over watering and under watering. Finding the right amount of water for your cannabis plants is a large balancing act. If your plant is yellowing, the first thing you should do is check your soil moisture level. You can do this by poking a 1in deep hole with your finger to see if the soil is damp, or by using a soil moisture reader. We recommend using a moisture reader, as they are accurate and can be found for less than 10$.

To prevent over watering and possible root rot, you should use a highly permeable soil as well as a collection dish below the pot. Over watering will cause the roots to rot or the plant to uptake too much moisture which will bloat the leaves and cause undue stress leading to yellowing.

Tip: Once the soil is dry to the touch wait 1 more day and then give your plants a deep water. Once the water pours out of the bottom of the pot, don’t water until the soil is completely dry again. This will help support strong and hardy roots.

Temperature & Light

Temperature and light can also cause yellowing cannabis plant leaves. Firstly, light is an essential pillar to growing a healthy cannabis plant. Plants grow through photosynthesis and low light will result in poor growth. When it comes down to lighting, you will want to aim for more light during the initial growth stage, and then slowly reduce the amount of light intake at the flowering/bloom stage. HPS and Full Spectrum LED Lights are always optimal for fast and health plant growth. To check out some great deals on Mars Hydro Full Spectrum Lights click HERE.

Growth Stage = 16 to 18 hours of continuous light.

Blooming & Budding Stages = 9 to 12 hours of light.

Further to the above, temperature can also cause yellowing in plants. When it is too hot or too cold leaves may change color and eventually turn brown and yellow. Typically, when leaves are yellowing, this is attributed to colder temperatures.

“Ensure that your plants are away from vents and cold drafts.”

Seeding Temperature = 20-25 Degrees Celsius

Seeding Humidity = 65 to 70%

Flowering Temperature = 18-24 Degrees Celsius

Flowering Humidity = 30 to 40%


Lastly, yellowing of your plants may also be caused by nutritional issues. Just like humans, plants also need nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies are often confirmed when the leaves are yellow, but the veins on the leaves are still green.

Many people think that adding more nutrients and especially fertilizer will make plants grow faster. This is not true and often leads to yellowing and the burning of leaves.

The most important thing for your plants is a balance in nutrition. Always follow the manufacture recommendations and do not exceed these requirements. When in doubt, always use less.

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