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Mars Hydro Eco 300 (ECO 49) Review

As we all know Mars Hydro is one of the leaders in the grow light industry. They have some of the best products that we have ever tested and this is why we at Herb Guys stands behind all Mars Hydro products.

For those of you who are new to growing you may already know about the Mars 300W grow light. This is probably the most talked about Mars Hydro full spectrum LED grow light on the market. Not only is this light great for growing in areas smaller than 3ft by 3ft, but it is also very affordable (around $150.00 CAD).

In recent months, Mars Hydro has unveiled a new full spectrum LED grow light that we are super excited about. This is the new Mars Hydro ECO 300 , or otherwise known as the Mars Hydro ECO 300 (Eco 49).

The Mars Eco 49 is a full spectrum grow light similar to its predecessor the Mars 300W. Notwithstanding, the all new Eco 49 was built for power efficiency. The Eco 49 is a full spectrum grow light that is meant for indoor growing. The Eco 49 weighs approximately 5 lbs and has a max area coverage of 3.5 by 3.5 feet.

Unlike other grow lights, the Eco 49 does not require a typical LED ballast and produces very little heat. Less heat means you can place the grow light closer to your plant canopy without the worry of burning or damaging the plant from heat.

What’s included in the package:

When you purchase the ECO 49 everything comes in a discrete cardboard package. Inside each package is the following:

  1. Mars Hydro ECO 49
  2. Power supply
  3. Hanging kit; and
  4. Warranty card and user manual

Mars Hydro Eco 49 Review 1

Key Features

Low Noise: The Mars Hydro ECO 300 (Eco 49) has a powerful yet efficient cooling fan. The fan is much quieter compared to other lights and has a minimal power draw. By increasing the size of the internal heat sink within the Mars ECO 49, the fan does not have to work as hard and the life of the light is increased. Notwithstanding the above, the Mars ECO 49 also has slotted edges, which allows for air circulation and overall better cooling.

Minimal Heat: The Mars ECO 49 produced far less heat than its predecessor. Excess heat not only places strain on your light, but also has an impact on your plants. With the Mars ECO 49 less heat means you can place the light closer to the plant canopy which results in better growth during the germination and early stages of your plants life.

Daisy Chain: The Mars ECO 49 includes a built in power socket for the ability to daisy chain multiple lights in one series. This is a great feature that will allow you to expand your grow light setup without having to plug each light into a power supply. With the Mars ECO 49 ten lights can be used together at one time.

Mars Hydro Eco 49 Review 2

SMD Chip and Lens Upgrade: One of the best features and upgrades of the new Mars ECO 49 versus the former Mars 300W and other budget full spectrum grow lights are the new LED’s used in the ECO 49. The new ECO 49 uses an SMD chip and a thinner lens. The combination of these two features allow for brighter LEDs and a a wider angle of light, all of which allows for more efficient growing and higher quality plant yields.

Mars Hydro Eco 49 Review 3

The Mars Hydro ECO 300 (ECO 49) is an excellent full spectrum LED grow light. The ECO 49 is easy to use, power efficient, and is a great light for a very reasonable price. The Mars ECO 49 can be used to grow plants in a grow box, a tent or for hydroponic systems.

If you order the Mars Hydro ECO 300 from Herb Guys, each light comes with a 1 year warranty from Mars Hydro and Herb Guys offers free shipping anywhere within Canada.