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Cannabis Edibles Are Coming to Ontario

In October 2018 cannabis became legal in Canada and each of its provinces. Although Cannabis is a federally regulated through licensing agreements, each Province would be responsible for the sale of cannabis and any related products. Further, Provinces would also be responsible for the establishment of retail storefronts, similar to liquor stores, as well as what products will be for sale.

Currently, the only cannabis products offered for sale in the province of Ontario is oil extracts, dry and fresh cannabis, and accessories such as pipes, rolling papers, etc. With that said, there are no purchasing options for baked goods (no pun intended), vapes, or other types of edibles. But, this is about to change.

In the past year there has been a large push for other types of cannabis products other than dry herb. The younger generations of cannabis users are not as fond of smoking, and would rather vape or consume their TCH through an edible or beverage…. I guess it’s the hip thing to do. But, I see the rationale. By consuming an edible or using a vape pen, there is no need to worry about smelling like cannabis or having your stash smell up your house.

Cannabis Edibles are Coming!

As of June 2019 the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has put out a call (bidding opportunity) for new product categories, including edibles, beverages, topicals and other cannabis related extracts. This information can be found on the OCS website under the “doing business with the OCS” page. The OCS is currently asking licensed producers to identify their ability to supply new cannabis products for retail sale on the OCS website as well as within the currently approved retail storefronts scattered across the province.

Patrick Ford who is the president and CEO of the Ontario Cannabis Store stated that “This product call marks an important milestone in securing a broad variety of cannabis products that meet the preferences of Ontario consumers…”

Although there is no definitive time frame on when we may see edibles, vapes, or cannabis beverages in storefronts or on the OCS website, it is anticipated that this will be around the end of 2019 after the Canadian federal government approves the regulatory framework associated with this movement.

With that said we have already seen some BIG, companies move towards extraction services versus growing and cultivation. Two Canadian based companies that we have seen ramp up and heavily invest in THC oil extraction includes MediPharm Labs and Valen GrowWorks Corporation. Both of these companies are now industry leaders in cannabis and oil extraction services and are capable and have already signed many multi-million dollar agreements with the main industry leaders to extract hundreds of thousands of kilograms worth of oil on their behalf. Please note that some of our writers at Herb Guys may own stocks in the above referenced companies.

Cannabis Extraction Process

Traditionally smoking dry cannabis may be a thing of the past starting in 2020 when we begin to see cannabis edibles, concentrates/vapes, and drinks enter the cannabis retail market. It will be interesting to see how these types of products especially cannabis (THC) infused drinks affect the bar and nightlife scene, but, only time will tell. Either way, it is great to see that the Canadian cannabis industry is diversifying in the types of products that will be legally offered for sale.

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